Data Protection Statement

Protection of your privacy when using our website is important to us.

Please note the following info in this regard:

  1. External links
    We have no influence on the content and design of other provider’s websites.
    We would like to point out that this statement of data protection conditions applies exclusively to the web-pages managed by us.
  2. This web-site has been established for information-/contact- purposes only.
  3. Personal data you will give to us, will only be processed internally for system security, as well as for technical administration of the network infrastructure.
  4. When you visit our web-site, our web server makes a temporary record of each access and stores it in a log file.
    The following data are recorded and stored until an automatic deletion date:
    - Date and time of access
    - Volume of data transmitted
    - Indication whether download was successful
    - Name of the downloaded file
    - Web site from which our site was accessed
    - Name of your internet service provider
    - IP-Address of the requesting processor
  5. All other info you supply is on a voluntary basis and will be used in order to contact you directly or clear up questions with regard to any inquiry from your side.
  6. Your data will not be disclosed publicly, nor transferred to any third parties without your consent.
  7. You have a legal right to inspect any stored data concerning your person and also the right to demand their correction or deletion, and to withdraw your consent for their future use.

If you communicate with us by e-mail, please take note that the content of unencrypted e-mails can be intercepted and openly read by unintended parties.

For this reason, we recommend that confidential info should be transmitted in encrypted form or sent by post in the traditional way.